Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A evening on the big river

With the warmer weather in my neck of the woods, it’s time to rest the small streams so I decided to fish the BIG river, which I do fairly frequently and enjoy as much as the small streams.

Arrived on the river around 4:30PM and checked the water temperature. A nice cool 64 degrees. I had decided to fish a stretch of faster water that I had scoped out a couple of weeks ago. I arrived thinking I would fish the bomber in the heavier water but the fish were not interested. I saw some isonychia but again the fish were not showing any interest in them either. In fact, I didn't see more than a handful of rises all evening. I did see what I thought were a few rises in a shallow riffle which I took to be small salmon but I wanted to have at least a little fun so I decided to try the iso. A few fish tried to take it but as I suspected they were too small. I had seen a few caddis around so I switched up to an elk-hair caddis and bang a nice healthy rainbow took it out of the blue! Now the skunking was off. I ran the caddis through another riffle and I could see a brown's snout within inches of the fly but he eventually lost interest.

As the evening progressed there were small (18/20) yellowish green mayflies coming off that looked like sulfurs except for the greenish tinge in the body. I'm not exactly sure what they were but the fish were not rising to these either. I decided to try a snowshoe rabbit sulfur emerger I tie and ran it through the seams and riffles in the area. I took 3 more decent rainbows in the 12-14" range. In the tail of the run a nice brown took the emerger in classic form. You could see the fish rise and then slowly turn on the emerger with barely any nose out of the water or any splash and then descend until he felt the hook! I did manage to take a pic of this brown. Not sure if it is wild, survivor strain, or some other strain of stocked brown but it was beautiful. I managed one more brown on the emerger and then called it a night. All in all one of the better I've had this year not because of the number or size of the fish but more for the gorgeous night it was and the success despite no obviously rising fish.

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