Sunday, August 29, 2010

CT Class 1 WTMA

Its been a hot dry summer here in CT and its been a long while since I fished a small stream so this afternoon, I decided to visit one of our Wild Trout Management areas. I fish the Adirondacks fairly often but I've not fished any of WTMA's much.  I left the waders at home with the 90 degree temps but when I arrived at the stream the water temp was just plain chilly.  I hiked down to an area I had seen over the winter and decided to fish back upstream to the car.  As I passed a nice pool I saw a few fish taking something off the surface.

I started with an #18 Elk hair caddis and quickly picked up a nice wild brown, followed by another.  There was still a good size fish working so crawled up on my knees to get a little closer and laid the caddis right where I had seen the larger splashes and bang, a nice brookie.  I managed another nice brown on the elk hair caddis with plenty of misses as darkness comes early this time of year.  All in all a nice afternoon fishing for wild trout.  I hope to visit some more of the CT WTMA's this fall.

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  1. "Got on my knees to get a little closer"
    That's what I call praying to the trout gods.

    The Average Joe Fisherman