Monday, September 27, 2010

One last visit

A familiar trail showing some fall color
 With the close of trout season in New York approaching, I wanted to make one last visit to a favorite mountain brook.  I had not been up to the Adirondacks in quite some time so we made the trip this past weekend.  I had lots of chores to get out of the way but with some help everything was in order by early afternoon.

It was a cool, raw, fall day with overcasting and threating skies and the temperature barely 60.  The mountain sides were full of fall oranges and reds mixed in the green of some holdouts and the dark green of fir stands.  The hike in was still and pleasant and I enjoyed the quite solitude of the afternoon.  A qiuck check of the water temperature showed a nice cool 60 but the water level was quite low.  With the overcast skies and the approach of fall, I was anticipating catching a lot of brook trout eager to take in calories for the long winter.

The first few pools I fished didn't even produce a strike on the Ausable bomber or a Royal Wulff.  In fact, today would be very similar to the last time I fished this brook, only a handful of smaller fish as opposed to the larger brook trout I've caught in this brook earlier this year leaving me wondering about the health of this stream.  Had the long dry summer taken it toll ?  The answer will have to wait until next spring

A very dry brook

the same area at the end of June 2010

One of few pools with some depth

One of the larger fish of the day


  1. Nicely done. The Daks, wild brookies, and leaves in transition.
    It will hold you through the winter.


  2. Agreed! Nice pics, thanks for posting them.

  3. Wow, big difference in water flows. Nice to know the residents are surviving. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman