Monday, October 25, 2010

An October Afternoon

It was one of those mid fall days I love that starts out with a misty cool morning that gives way to a warm and bright afternoon.  I had wanted to scout out a small brook that I had heard held some native brook trout so I quickly got the necessary things finished up in the morning so that I could have the afternoon for some exploring.

A favorite pool
When I arrived at the brook, things didn't look too encouraging.  There was very little water in the brook and hardly any current moving.  I did walk upstream a bit but it was quickly obvious that any brook trout in this stream would have had a very difficult task of surviving the dry summer we've had in New England this year, so I checked this stream off in my mind and formulated another plan.

Since there was a couple hours left in the afternoon, I decided plan B should be to visit a stream I haven't fished since the spring.  This stream is stocked but in year's past I have caught some brook trout that appeared to be wild.  I arrived at a favorite pool and found no one around and a few caddis in the air.  As I watched, I saw a fish sip here and there.  A couple of drifts with the bomber produced nothing as did a tan caddis but a high-vis midge did manage to turn a small brook trout that was brought to hand and the afternoon salvaged.  I had thought this was the only fish working but another couple drifts produced another fish that had me wondering if it was the same fish again.  What a nice way to finish off a beautiful fall day ! 

The first brook trout
A second or the same ?