Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Streamer fishing

Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing
Joseph D. Bates, Jr.

One of the things that I find particular enjoyable about fly fishing and fly tying is that there is always new things to learn.  Last winter I read up on tying and fishing wet flies and soft hackled flies and was able to apply some of the "book" lessons on the water with some success.  Learning something in principle is interesting but the fun is when you can see it actually play out.

I haven't fished streamers that much and so I thought I would do some reading this winter on streamers. Brk Trt was gracious to recommend a book for me to read. Unfortunately, it is no longer in print but it was not very difficult to find a copy that was in good condition on the Internet. Shown is a picture of one of the color plates that includes three classic streamers.  In the lower right you can see the light and dark  Edison Tiger and the Black Ghost.  Also shown is an older version of the Mickey Finn. I'll be tying some of these in small sizes and giving them a try.
Some classic streamers


  1. Mark,
    I glad you were able to find a good condition copy.
    The streamer virus is now in your body, and the only cure is more streamers. Its a beautiful addiction.
    Here are a few links that are exceptional when it comes to streamers.

    I'll be looking forward to some of your streamers.


  2. Thanks again for the book suggestion. Have a lot to learn. So far I've had limitted success early season with Muddlers and buggers.