Monday, March 21, 2011

First fish of 2011

Black stonefly soft hackle
black pheasant tail
Small copper wire rib
Peacock flash dubbing
Starling hackle
Gun metal bead
#16 scud hook
I did finally manage to get out yesterday afternoon. It was a cool clear day with air temps in the upper 40's and the water a bit colder in the low to mid 40's.  There were a decent number of little black stoneflies on the water and a few rises.  I nymphed with a black pheasant tail soft hackle that I had tied earlier in the year for just such a day.  I managed three respectable browns on the pheasant tail.  I did fish a few spider patterns (little brown, and February red) with no success but did manage to break one off on a Stewart's black spider.  I fished mostly upstream with these which may not have been the best approach for stoneflies since I did notice they were skittering around a lot.  The black spider I let swing and little across when the fish smacked it.   Anyway it was nice to be out and feel the tug of the line again.


  1. Mark,
    I'm happy you were able to drift a few, and hooking and bringing a few to hand is a plus.

  2. Thanks Brk Trt, it was nice to be standing in a stream again. Hopefully winter's final attempt at snow and cold won't last long

  3. I am constantly amazed at the power of pheasant tail and peacock. Thanks for sharing this pattern. Cool blog by the way.

  4. Thanks Todd! There are a lot of variations of the phesant tail. A friend of mine favors a bead head version that uses a couple of wraps of partridge behind the bead and usually cleans up with it.

  5. Just found your blog. I love anything having to do with fly fishing. Especially when it comes to small streams and Brook Trout. Does your trout fishing shut down in the Winter? Wisconsins ends Sept 30th and starts up on the 1rst Saturday of March. That makes for a long 5 Months!!
    Great Blog. Look forward to next post..

  6. Trout Magee - the season stays open in CT on certain streams. These are refered to as Trout Management Areas(TMA's) and small streams with wild trout populations(WTMA's)but the fishing is much slower in winter. In the Adirondaks the season closes in mid October and remains closed 'til April 1st (I think that's right)