Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craftmate organizers

Craftmate Pop 'N Lock 28
In case you haven't seen these craft organizers by Craftmate (Pop 'N Lock), these are a great ,compact way to organize your hook or bead supplies.  The design I like best is a single tray of 28 compartments with 7 rows of 4 lockable containers each.  Each row of 4 snaps into the tray for secure storage.  The compartments have a scooped shape for easily removing items.    The entire tray measures 11" x 5.5" with each comparement 1" x 1.5" (large enough for #6 2XL hooks).  Craftmate also makes a single row of 7 compartments for storing longer streamer hooks.  If you are in need of a better way to organize your hook or other small items you might consider picking some of these up.
Single row of 4

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