Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What does Impressionism have to do with fly tying – Part 2

     We are starting the second week of rainy weather. Every day last week there was rain, whether showers or a steady light rain and this week has started with more of the same. It will be a while before the rivers and streams around here are fishable again, so I’ve been doing some tying.
      I thought I would pick up on a previous post that generated some interesting comments and extend the line a thought a little. (Posted March 16, 2011 http://fishingsmallstreams.blogspot.com/2011/03/what-does-impressionism-have-to-do-with.html). In the previous post I was considering the form of North country spiders and relating some observations to the impressionism movement in art occurring at a similar time. In addition to form, there is also some aspects of impressionism that relate to color. Specifically how primary colors can be roughly combined to provide an overal impression of a particular shade, but also give the impression of light striking an object as the individual primary colors are still plainly visible. The same effect can be achieved with “spectrumized” dubbing which uses several primary colors of dubbing blended to provide highlights in contrast to the homogenous single color of most commercial dubbings. Here are a couple of comparaduns that I’ve tied using the Caucci/Nastasi spectrumized dubbing available through the Delaware River club. I really like the overall effect and have started to experiment a bit with my own mixtures. So go ahead and get yourself an inexpensive coffee grinder and have at it !

Isonychia blend (L) and Dark Hendrickson blend (R)
Closeup of the dark Hendrickson comparadun
Close up of the isonychia comparadun


  1. Very much like the Dark Hendrickson...fun experimenting, eh? I had a bit of fun with dog hair dubbing last night!

  2. Very nice flies! I find that sometimes combining certain materials and experimenting can lead to some great results.

  3. Those are some nice looking flies for sure. I like the idea of mix dubbing. Coffee Grinder ahe.

  4. e.b.m, Kiwi, and Trout Magee - thanks for your comments. I've posted some closeups to better illustrate the dubbing blend on the actual flies

  5. Nice! Thanks for posting those. Very European in style and really hearken impressionism to my eyes. Fine examples -- those flys are great pieces of art!

  6. e.m.b. - thanks for your kind comments. Both flies take their fair share of fish and after all that's the audience we are trying to entice