Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Perfect Plan...almost

     We all like to tell about our sucesses, a new stream filled with beautiful wild brookies that are literally launching themselves on your fly, or an evening on a larger river that has just come alive after a massive spinner fall but, we all know there are times when you have to put in the hard work of scoping out new water that turns out unproductive or the perfectly hatched plan that falls apart in the details.  This is one of those stories that I hope you will find amusing since we’ve all done something similar at some point.
     Yesterday, my wife asked if I could take our daughter to her bass leason.  Sure I said, as I realized that the shop where she takes lessons is less than 5 minutes away from decent small run that I have caught fish in every time I’ve been there, always in the evening and always on a tan caddis.  So I’m thinking if I get everything rigged to go and drop her off at the lesson, I should have about 20 minutes to fish.  One fly, one run, couple of fish and back in time to pick her up was the plan.  So I dropped her off, no traffic and I’m at the spot in 3 minutes, tops.  Waders on, rod rigged with the caddis, nothing else needed.  After 20 minutes of casting and drifting, no fish were interested in playing – judging from the lack of bird activity I usually see in this spot, I was probably an hour too early.  Waders off, rod in the car and I was back at the shop before the lesson was over.  Too bad it  didn’t work out like it did in my mind but my plan had a part II!
     Later than evening, I was coming home from the mid-week prayer meeting at church when part II was launched.   The rod was still rigged and everything was at the ready.  I have travelled over the same stretch of road on my way back and from church many times and have wondered whether the little brook we cross has any fish in it.  From the road, I could see some promising looking runs and some potential deep spots that were worth checking out but I never seemed to find the time to investigate.  Tonight would be different.   By the time I left prayer meeting there was about an hour left of light – plenty of time to try a couple of the promising looking spots to see if anybody was home.  When I reached the water’s edge, I realized this was probably a lost cause.  The water was not as deep as it appeared from the road and there was a lot of silt which covered the stream bead and banks most likely run-off from the home constrution that’s been going on in the area for a while.  At some time this stream may have been home to some small brook trout but not any more.  Atleast now I can stop wondering and check this one off the “to explore” list!
   Nice plan, no fish but hey, that’s all part of the game.  To be perfectly honest, the scheming was the fun of the whole thing.  I managed to fish two spots in one evening and do the other things that are important to me as well.  So the next time you hatch a plan, go for it – who knows maybe it will play out as you imagine but if it doesn’t, don’t underestimate the fun of trying to pull it off!


  1. I have seen small brooks and wondered the same thing. Usually I cruise right by but I think I will check them out more often after reading this post. You just don't know until you check. Great Post. Tight Lines.

  2. It looks as if everyone was a winner, except the brook trout.

  3. Trout Magee - I have a new motto this year - EXPLORE. I find I keep going to the same places because I know they hold fish.

    Brk Trt - sad that so much potential brook trout habitat is destroyed by silt and run-off from people trying to build deeper and deeper into the forests and woodlands

  4. Nice write up. Not every plan works out. Believe me I have been in the same situation wondering "is there anything in there" Nothing worse in this world that not knowing. There could of been some beautiful brookies in these streams and you would of never known it. Good for you for trying.

  5. George - Exploring is something I like to do but often put off in favor of familiar places. I'm making an effort to do a little more exploring this year. Hopefully, I've have some nice reports and pictures in a week or so