Saturday, June 4, 2011

Windy day on the big river

     Just a quick post today.  Went up to the big river yesterday.  Very tough conditions with winds out of the north 15-20mpk and gusts up to 30+.  The winds and cooler temps completely shut down any insect activity for most of the day although there were a ton of caddis coming off late but only a rise here or there.  The flows were up as well and the water was slightly off color so I decided to try out czech nymphing.  Someone had given me a leader and I tied a couple of anchor flies.  The cast was tough but I started to get better at lobbing all the weight.  I was pleased to hook a few and land a decent brown.  The takes are a whole lot easier to detect then with split shot and an indicator.  I've always hated nymphing but with a little more confidence in detecting the strikes and some practice with the lob, I may end up using this method more often.
     Towards dark I did see a sulfur or two so I cast a snowshoe emerger over a snout I had seen poke out of the water twice and picked up another decent brown.  It is surprising how cold one can get this time of year on a windy cool night.  After the last fish and the shivering started, I figured I was done.   Not one of those great catching days but a little success with a new method definitely made the trip worthwhile.
     I needed to wash the car today.  When I say there were a ton of caddis the front of the car was covered with them.  Too bad I didn't take a picture, it was quite a scene!

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  1. sounds like a nice day on the water, despite the wind. well done.