Thursday, August 11, 2011

The colors of late summer in the mountains

August has arrived, a time when the brooks of the Adirondacks are thin but still cold and wildflowers are everywhere.  The woods are starting to show the signs of the coming fall as the trees begin to take on a redder hue. I headed out thinking that the heavy showers we had the previous day would raise the water levels a bit.  When I arrived the stream was still a cool 65 degrees but the rain had done little to boost the flows.  Pictured below is the same area in early august as compared to early July.  What a difference a month can make.

This day the fish were mostly holding in the head of the pools where the more oxygenated water was or in deeper runs with plenty of water moving.  Today I would enjoy the colors of the forest from flash of a bronze belly in the foam line as a brook trout took a sunk lime trude, to the fish showing a lot of red in the fins and bellies, to the abundant display of wildflowers awaiting those who are willing to venture on the trails not often traveled.  
Darker red in the belly and especially in the fins
Adirondack gold
 thistle along the banks
Cardinal Flower along a river bank
Chicory blooming along a woodland trail
Forest of lycopodium (club moss)


  1. Nice Brookies and flowers...thanks for the post!

  2. Mark,
    Wonderful photos.
    The Adirondacks have that special charm.


  3. Thanks Brk Trt and Kiwi; unfortunately the pictures never quite capture being there !