Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fish are on to me

With a few nice outings on the with my favorite fly (Ausable bomber) in faster water on the Farmington River, I decided to give it another go but the fish were definitely not fooled !  I had several put their snouts under the bomber and follow it a while but no takers.  Funny that I had this very same experience on the Farmington last year, the bomber works for about 2 weeks and then that's it.  Either it looks like something that is no longer on the water or the fish get wise to it.  These are the puzzles that make fly fishing so interesting ! I did have some success with an iso comparadun as I have been seeing these on the water in the later afternoon and finished up early with one taking a cream snowshoe hare emerger.


  1. Mark,

    I'm going to be in the Adirondacks (Inlet, Hamilton County) for three days at the end of September. If you know the area, can you recommend a couple of trout streams? I'm from RI, and never fished in the Adirondacks.



  2. Don't know the inlet area at all, but check out the DEC website and look under Hamilton county.