Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fishing the fast water II

Headed up to the Farmington River yesterday afternoon to fish the fast water again.  It was another beautiful day out and with the lower summer flows I was able to get into several fast riffles that can be tough to access at other times of the year.  The bomber was the ticket yesterday with 3 big browns in the 16-18" range taken and one smaller one.  I did manage to land a higher percentage of the browns by being a little more patient and working the fish into the slower seams although two did break me off including a large copper colored brown that took the bomber in front of a large rock in some very heavy water.  

Some fast water browns
Brown of the day

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  1. What a great day of seeking out the Big Browns. Those fish are beauties. The only bad part of the day I can see was when those browns snapped you off and took off with those precious Bombers :) Great Pics and Video. Tight lines.