Monday, September 12, 2011


9-11-2011 was a day full of a lot of emotion as this country remembered the events that occurred ten years ago and honored those who lost their lives.  As we witnessed a mass-murder occur on our own soil, that event forced us to acknowledge that evil is ever-present in our world and we are not sheltered from it.  It was also fitting that this anniversary should be celebrated on a Sunday when Christians celebrate God’s solution to evil.  God became one of us, walked among us, experienced everything we experience without fault or error and gave his life to satisfy God’s wrath for sin and evil, and was raised again from the dead gaining victory over evil and it’s consequence of death so that we might be set free to enjoy Him forever. 

One of many downed trees
After an emotionally intense morning, it was nice to enjoy lunch with some friends and then head out to a small stream later in the afternoon.  Fishing small streams is kind of like going home for me, reminding me of simplier days spent fishing small meadow streams with my Grandpaw, listening to his incredible stories, and taking all the sights, sounds, and smells in.

I planned to visit a stream I had not been to since Huricane Irene and the heavy rains that followed a week later. I was not sure what I would find and how different things would be.  Walking along the stream’s bank you could see how high the water had been, in some areas a swath of bent brush and grasses extended 50 ft from the stream’s normal bank with many larger trees uprooted toppled here and there.   Altough the stream’s landscape had changed 

there was still signs of healthy life including one beautiful little brown trout that neatly fit in the palm of my hand, measuring no more that 3 inches.  I started out with an Ausable bomber but switched to a royal trude and eventually a royal bomber.  The royal bomber was the fly of the day and many fish took it either dry or swung like a wet fly with a handful of wild browns and brookies brought to hand.  The best fish of the day took the royal bomber swung by the base of the tree.  Immediately you could tell this fish had some weight.  After a couple of incredible leaps the nice brown tossed the hook and we parted company, hopefully to meet again another day.


  1. Beautiful pics and fish. Glad to hear the fish in the stream were able to handle the storm. Those Brookies are beautiful. Good luck on getting that Brown next time. Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines.

  2. Nice post. I hope you get a second shot at the brown that eluded the net and camera.
    I bet it was a nice fish.

  3. Wonderful post Mark.

    The Royal Bomber is a good fly.

  4. thanks TM and George

    Brk Trt - thank you - I think you use a similar fly to my "royal bomber" that uses a peacock body, palmered brown hackle with a brown or red tail. I was thinking that you could probably use something simple with similar results. I'll have to tie a few and test my theory.

  5. Yes, good luck with the brown. Now you know his name!