Friday, September 30, 2011


tight quarters
I have spent a few days exploring three brooks that have been on my list to visit.  The first was a brook pretty close to home that is supposedly stocked but I have never seen anyone fishing it. The brook is heavily overgrown and hard to get to and move around but I have caught wild browns in there in years past.  This was my first visit this year.  The water appeared high and cloudy but a few fish came out of their hiding places to chase a bead-head pheasant tail soft hackle dropped off a bomber.
A turn that held a decent brown
The second brook was a little further away in a section of CT I rarely visit.  The afternoon was warm and humid and I was surprised by the number of hardwoods starting to turn yellow.  We normally we see a mix of red and yellow, with more yellow in dry years but we've been anything but dry the last month or so!  It was a beautiful little stream with a noticeable tannin stain.  The section I fished held mostly fall fish, some quite large and aggressive.  But catching them soon grew old so with only a few hours of daylight left I moved to a tributary and found the only brown trout of the day.  I'll have to go back again this fall to do some more scouting because the trib looked interesting.
A wild brown willing to chase an EHC in fast water
West Branch of the Croton
The following day I visited the West branch of the Croton river in NY.  Again another humid morning with a thick fog hanging over the river until the rising sun burned it off.  It wasn't long before I hooked a wild brown that put up quite a fight.  I had my hands full keeping it out of the sharp rocks.  Unfortunately I could not get a picture of this nicely colored brown since he wouldn't stay still for even a brief moment.   The rest of the morning was spent hooking fish but quickly losing them.  Again the beadhead phesant tail soft hackle was the fly of choice.  Turns out Kiwi of The North River blog was there the day before.  I think the reason the catching was on the slow side is that he and Chris stung them all the day before !  Nice job Kiwi, maybe we will run into each other some day


  1. Exploring new water is always nice, The thought of taking that special fish in a riffle or pool is exciting.

  2. Always worth finding some new water, and if it's that nice looking, well.

  3. Mark...Chris and I purposely let them go so you would have some action! We didn't want to be fish hogs. I definitley plan to go to the WBC again next year. Maybe we can coordinate a trip?

  4. Kiwi - just kidding - had to laugh when I read your blog about fishing the Croton. Maybe when the season is open again we can meet up