Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is coming

Sun starting to peak through
I headed out friday morning to fish a small stream and only a few hours to fish very early in the morning.  It was still mostly dark when I arrived and I was greeted by a red fox in my headlights as I approached.  The air temperature was in the 40's and it was the first time this season where the water actually felt warm.  Things were slow early but I did manage to bring a couple browns to hand as the sun started to warm things up. 

Early morning wild brown
Yesterday afternoon, I headed out with a friend to re-visit the stream I had fished last week in search of a decent brown (see 9/11 post).  What a difference a week can make!  The water level was down quite a bit and the fish were distinctly absent from the lies they were in previously.  After bringing a few small browns to hand we moved upstream a ways to water that was new to me.  A dozen or more browns were caught using a large elk hair caddis and Ausable bomber to discourage hooking the smaller fish. 

a late afternoon brown
Several of the fish were starting to show their fall colors.  The best fish of the afternoon was a beautiful brown in the 12 inch class that took the caddis in the slack water against the bank.  In fact, most of the larger fish were we not in the main current but hanging close to the bank.  It was a beautiful, cool, early fall afternoon to enjoy in the outdoors and I was thankful for the opportunity to be out in what is my favorite time of year.  I hope you too have a chance to enjoy this great time of year as well !


  1. Thanks for the post. It's always nice to be reminded that when work is done and the weekend comes again there will be a similar stream in the woods waiting for me to help make the stress of everyday life melt away.

  2. Mark.

    It's the same here. The shadows are getting bigger and the sun lower in the sky. It's almost over, almost?

  3. Nice post and great pictures! I'm sure the next time you visit this stream the "big one that got way" will show.

  4. Nice post Mark.

    The browns are starting to color up nicely.
    I had a few on the other day, some pure silver and some like butter.

  5. Oh sure rub it in. I wish I could enjoy fishing in the fall and into the winter :) Sounds like a great day. Is there anything that Bomber can't do ??? The pics and the fish are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines..

  6. Thanks all, TM and Richard - we are fortunate in CT to have wild trout streams open year round so when fall starts to kick in there is some good fishing ahead as the fish try to load up on calories to get them through the winter