Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Closing out the season

With the trout season closing this week in New York State, I had the chance to make one final trip to the Adirondack Mountains and enjoy the fall foliage and fish a few favorite brooks.  A couple of interesting side notes.  First, all the fish were caught on either black marabou, or 13th Lake Streamer which was created for a lake in this region of the Adirondacks.  This trip brought 2 rainbows from the same pool in the upper reaches of one of the brooks leaving me wondering if they are indeed establishing themselves.  Hopefully, they will not negatively effect the native brook trout in this brook.  Finally, I noticed that I had taken a picture of what I believe to be the same trout late in the summer.  It's interesting to see the difference in coloration on this trout a month or two later in the year.  Most of the brook trout brought to hand had a decidedly orange hue.

An Adirondack brook at dusk
Adirondack brook trout 10/10/2011
Same trout in mid September
While this fall has not been the most dramatic in terms of the display of colors, it was a real blessing to take it all in with the warm afternoons that came our way.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Fall foliage against a deep blue sky


  1. Beautiful Brookies with scenery to match! Thanks for the post. Side note, that 13th lake streamer is a beauty also. I have tied a couple but have yet to fish them.

  2. Kiwi - thanks, at some point I will post some pictures of some older brook trout streamers. The 13th Lake looks like a small brook trout as does the black marabou which uses a cream dubbing over and orange underbody that comes through when wet

  3. What a way to close a season.
    That last brookie is beautiful.
    Great photos.... you must post a photo of the 13th lake streamer.
    Great post, Mark.

  4. Great fish and amazing photos. I love fishing streams like this. Nice post.

  5. Brk Trt and J and M; thanks. I'll post some pics of the streamers when I get a chance to do some more tying. Here the recipe for the 13th Lake :

    Tail - golden pheasant tippet
    rib - silver tinsel
    body - orange floss
    underwing - orange bucktail (I used some orange marabou since I did't have any orange bucktail)
    overwing - black bucktail

  6. Looks like you had a great trip out to the trout stream! love the pics.

  7. The increased color would be appropriate for this time of the year. After all, us guys have to put on the plumage for the ladies.


  8. What a great way to finish off the season. I guess were not the only state where the trout season closes:) Wonderful pictures and fish as well. Those waterfalls are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines!