Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still interested in the dry

Had the chance to get out for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.  I figured with the cooler temps the fish would be interested in streamers.  In the first good run, I did manage a nice brown on a peacock and dark hen hackle bugger.  Just for kicks I tried a black stimulator (pattern from Ben over at to fish some slow pools and was surprised by the interest.  I fished the stimulator for the rest of the afternoon and enjoyed watching the explosive slashes that make fishing big dries in small streams such a pleasure.  A handful of nicely colored browns and a brookie were photographed and sent on their way.

Fly of the day - black stimulator
black thread
moose hair tail
palmered black saddle hackle reinforced with copper wire
coastal deer hair wing
peacock thorax
black saddle hackle over thorax
black rubber legs


  1. Good job, Mark! The Black Stimulator is a real killer.

  2. Ben

    Was just in the process of going in to edit the post and mention that the pattern came from you over at the with a little variation.

  3. Good looking wild ones.
    That stream looks familiar.

  4. Brk Trt - probably a bit more familiar to you than me

  5. I usually reserve my accolades for brookies but the brown is beautiful, nice job.

  6. Love that Black Stimulator look, especially when it's in the corner of the mouth of a trout!

  7. Steve - My daughter just finished a project for school where she had to collect 10 insects, tough in the fall. The one insect we could find plenty of were crickets so I thought of Ben's "after hours" stimulator and thought it would be a good match. I used a deer hair wing so that I could spot it a little better rather than a black wing