Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And now for something completely different

I had the chance to meet up with Ben B. close to home for some broodstock Atlantic salmon fishing.  There is a pleasant rhythm that develops when swinging flies and although we didn't move any fish it was still a great day out learning something new to me.  I've never been that interested in two handed rods but watching Ben yesterday has me thinking about it.  He looked like he was expending a lot less effort than I was with my single handed 10ft 7wt.


  1. You should have been there last week... ;)

    We'll get 'em next time!

  2. I had such a bad introduction to Spey Rods that I'll probably never pick one up again. I do have to admit, they can put a fly a lot farther than our one handers.


  3. Try to find a shop that has someone on staff that fishes spey. That can be a great deal of help if available. I may have some spey contacts in the Adirondacks for you.

  4. Ben - thanks for showing me around
    Shoreman - sounds all so complicated, enough to keep someone from jumping in

    Todd - Thanks, Ben gave me a contact of an instructor down this way. I was thinking I should take a lesson first and ask a lot of questions about gear and techniques

  5. I have never tried fishing for salmon but want to pretty badly. Yummy when smoked. Tight LInes.