Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's streamer time

Tuesday was another warm, clear November day here in Connecticut.  We don't see a lot of these so with a few more vacation days left, I headed out in the afternoon to another wild trout stream.  I didn't see a single person all afternoon only deer and turkey.  I love the way the warm sun filters through the forest this time of year casting it's long shadows.  There was a lot of scrambling around downed limbs and trees from the nor'easter that blew through a week and a half ago, some parts of the state are still without power.

There was no interest in the dry and the dry/dropper wasn't producing much either so I switched to streamers and my mini peacock bugger was the first choice.  Swinging in through the deeper riffles and into the softer seams produced a handful of browns and a brook trout.  The first brown had some interesting markings.

As the sun began to set and the temperature began to fall, the walk out gave glimpses of the last golden rays of the setting sun framed between the trees bringing to an end another wonderful late fall day along a wild trout stream.


  1. Nice going Mark.
    Great fish.
    Again the stream looks familiar.

  2. I love that picture with the sun shining through. Really sets the tone of the stream and surroundings. Excellent looking fish. Nicely done. Tight Lines.

  3. TM - glad you enjoyed the pictures

    Brk Trt - yes that's a familiar stream and unfamiliar as the branches down everywhere have changed it somewhat. Fished a long stretch of it and found fish all along.

  4. Great looking fish!

  5. Nice report mark. The last picture is very cool.