Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A November afternoon

Yesterday was a nice warm November afternoon so I took advantage of the nice weather to get out for a couple hours on a favorite wild trout stream.  Things were pretty quite with little interest in the dry/dropper that has worked well recently.  I did find a couple wild browns interested in the bead-head pheasant tail soft hackle.  The first fish surprised me in that it was in some very shallow water along the bank out of the main current.  The second was in a similar location.   At one point in the afternoon I was joined by a flock of wild turkeys as they made their way along the bank  unaware that I was quietly watching.


  1. love that first pic! i could hang out there all day!

  2. I spent yesterday walking through the woods my two year daughter and it was a great day to be out. I'm glad to see that you did well.

  3. Enjoyed monday afternoon so much, that I took tuesday afternoon off too! Report to follow but let's just say it's streamer time