Monday, December 26, 2011

A day out with a friend

      The day turned out as forecasted, sunny, breezy, and temps around 43F.  My friend Pete (aka TROUTI) and I met up to see if we could tempt some wild trout.  When I checked the water temp it was a balmy 42F, nearly equal to the air temp.
       It was a generally pleasant day, except for a gust of wind here and there.  Pete is a Zen Master when it comes to fishing a beadhead pheasant tail and partridge and it was fun to watch him fish the fly, hooking and promptly releasing many fish.  Pete, the ultimate sportsmen, has perfected what he jokingly refers to as the "long line release".
       This was Pete's first time fishing this water and it was my pleasure to show him around.  When I first started fly fishing again, it was Pete who introduced me to several rivers, including the Farmington.  When I wasn't "guiding" this afternoon, I did manage a couple of browns myself.  It was great to spend the day out in the fresh December air !

 Pete with a pretty December brown

A final brown before sunset