Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The last small stream outing for 2011

     The weather today was a bit touchy with showers and possible thunderstorms predicted although temps were supposed to approach a balmy 50F.  A quick check of the radar suggested getting out early was the way to go to avoid the showers that were on the way.   I gathered up a few things and was on my way to another wild trout stream.
     Things started off slow with not a bump in all the likely spots so I opted to head to another section of the stream as the skies grew darker.  Moving downstream was a good choice as I quickly picked up two nice brook trout on a peacock bugger in the tails of two nice runs.  I continued to work downstream and missed two other fish, the last of which had some weight to it as it eventually broke me off.  It was nice to finish up the season with a brace of brook trout.  I never tire of looking at these magnificent fish.  As soon as I returned to the car the rain started, great timing indeed!
     Best wishes to all of you and your families in the New Year !


  1. Very Nice Brookies indeed! Congrats on them.

  2. If there,s one fish, i lust after, its Brook Trout, there is a little magic to them & the places they live. Nice Shots.