Monday, February 20, 2012

Another February outing

Pete (aka TROUTI) and I had the day off, so we arranged to meet up and see if we could fool some trout with the stonefly patterns I've been tying.  This afternoon was not as warm as expected and between the wind and the cold water we were chilled to the bone in a couple of hours.  Both Pete and I managed a pair of browns on a bead head black pheasant tail soft hackle.  I tried the black pheasant tail and starling as well as the 2 fly dry with no success but swinging the soft hackle produced once again for both of us.  There weren't a lot of stoneflies around and the rises were sporadic.  It's as if the fish knew where I was because as soon as I got into position the fish that rose in that area would stop and fish in the area I had just left would start rising again !

Here's the black PT soft hackle...
TMC 3761 #16
gun metal bead
black thread
pheasant tail fibers died black
X-small copper wire rib
Dark India hen back hackle


  1. Still a good day.
    I noticed the temps were not what was told to us.
    Way to go guys.

  2. Brk Trt - It was nice to be out but like you said, it felt a lot colder than mid to upper 40's. If we hadn't spent so much time messing with a couple rising trout we might have caught a few more.

  3. way to get out and enjoy the streams. I'm a fan of those soft hackle PTs and do well with them myself. Always have plenty in my box. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I guess I better tie some black bead-headed soft-hackle wet flies. You are making my fishing life way too complicated. Nice fish, in spite of the weather.

  5. Was brisk and we did spend time trying to entice a few risers, but we managed a few.

  6. RKM - all you really need is some pheasant tail soft hackles, Just ask Pete !