Saturday, February 18, 2012

February afternoon

I've been waiting for an afternoon to get out and try out some of the stonefly soft hackles I have been tying.  With temperatures predicted to be in the mid to upper 40's this afternoon seemed like a good opportunity.  When I arrived there was a rise here and there and an odd stonefly.  I decided I would swing a classic winged leadwing coachmen trailing and a gun metal beadhead black pheasant tail soft hackle.  I swung across where I saw the first rise and quickly picked up a little hold-over brown on the black pheasant tail soft hackle.  This afternoon the phesant tail was the fly of choice and even though there weren't a lot of stoneflies around I still managed to pick up a few.


  1. I've been tying some of your soft hackle patterns for my next fishing trip. Hopefully next week end.

    Lovely trout.

  2. Good job Mark!!! Glad you got out!!

  3. Thanks Devin and Shoreman;

    Phillip - good luck with them, yesterday the bead head black phesant tail was the trick. I'm guessing but maybe due to the fact that not much was on the water surface.

    Pete - glad to see you need well yesterday on the Farmington.

  4. Nice fish, Mark. Have you ever tried the wet fly version of the Moby Dick?

  5. That's an awesome Feb. afternoon in my opinion! Great fish..nice job.

  6. RKM - I've never even heard of the Moby Dick let alone try it out. I'll have to check it out

    Kiwi - thanks, catching fish in Feb doesn't happen every year. This might be the first complete year that I've caught fish in every month