Friday, February 17, 2012

Stoneflies part II

I was talking to a my friend Pete (aka TROUTI) who was out this week and he reported seeing some early stones coming off and fish interested in them.  Pete is a zen-master at fishing soft hackles so I tied a couple more early black stone soft hackles for us to test drive.  The third pattern is a black stone version of Rich Strolis' two fly dry.  Rich has an excellent video for tying this fly (click here) and I can't wait to give it a try as well.

Get out there an enjoy this spring like weather, the early blacks are definitely early this year !

 Pheasant Tail and Starling
Mustad R50-94840 #16
black 70 denier UTC thread 
black pheasant tail fiber (body)
X-Small copper wire rib
peacock Ice dub thorax
starling hackle (3turns)

 Starling and herl
Mustad R50-94840 #16
black 70 denier UTC thread
peacock hurl wound from head to tail and secured with fine gold wire wrapped forward
starling hackle (3 turns)

Strolis Two fly dry (black)
TMC 100 #16
black 70 denier UTC thread
black 2mm foam tied down in 4 sections and then folded over and tied again in 4 sections
white antron wing, with natural CDC over
black/dark brown hen hackle, clipped on the underside


  1. The Starling and herl is always an excellent fly to have in the old fly. Thanks for the post.

  2. Mark,
    Those things are all over, and the trout are aware of it.
    Nice flies.

  3. I have a starling skin and love using it! Nice tie jobs.