Monday, April 23, 2012

Another afternoon of "guiding"

I had another opportunity to fish with a friend who doesn't get out that often.  I had some good information and some experience this past week on where we might be able to fish away from the heavy fishing pressure.  We had a bright, warm afternoon to enjoy with only a slight breeze.  We met at the first spot and where I was quickly into some quality fish.  I arrived a little before and managed one on a Hendrickson spinner early in afternoon.  I don't know exactly why I tried it but I did manage one rainbow and lost another when it decided to leap out of the water and toss the hook right back at me.  When my friend arrived we started to see a few duns on the water so I switched over to the comparadun and managed to hook and lose my next two including what looked to be a sizable fish.  Taking the hint, I sharpened the hook and the hook set held in the next fish so well that it broke me off on 4X!  Did I mention how strong the fish are this year ?  My friend picked up a couple in this location until things shut down around 3:30PM.

It was time to put plan B into action and we moved to another spot.  We moved into the fast water at the head of a decent pool and I hooked a fish on the wet fly on the first cast.  Too bad I lost him in the heavier fast water.  From 4 to 5PM we had some good sport with fish taking both dries and wets.  My last fish was a very healthy 16" rainbow that had several strong runs before coming to the net.  Between the two of us we probably landed close to a dozen fish.

We finished out the day waiting out a spinner fall which did occur but we where not in the best position to cast to rising fish but that's how it goes sometimes.  Anyway, we enjoyed watching the adults fill the sky, some in pairs mating.  It is an amazing sight to see if you've never witnessed one and I was once again reminded of how beautifully complex God's creation is in ways that most people never even see or take time to notice.  I am blessed to have good friends who enjoy spending a day with feet in a river somewhere and lungs full of fragrant spring air.

Yesterday and today we are getting a lot of some much needed rain.  It's been a good opportunity to do some more tying for future outings.


  1. Wonderful report. The trout speak for themselves.
    And yes thank God for the rain.

  2. I am with Brk Trt great report. Those fish look healthy and must be eating quite well. Damn those unsharp hooks :) Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines.

  3. Sounds like my kind of day! Nice fish!

  4. Brk Trt, Trout MaGee, and Kiwi - thanks for the comments, I'll post the recipes and pics of the comparadun and wet this week for those interested