Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another afternoon on the big river

While the Hendricksons are out and about, I concentrate less on fishing small streams and head to the big rivers. Who doesn't like fishing for big fish with big dries and the Hendricksons will get some of the bigger fish looking up.  Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon with warm temps and light winds for the most part but with the water levels lower than I've ever seen them this time of year, it was a guessing game to figure where would be the best place to start.  I had a friend along with me who hasn't fished in a while so I wanted to make sure we were in a good spot.  In the end, I opted for a place which draws less interest and we made out really well.  The "hatch" never materialized in this spot but the fish were used to looking up so we did well for most of the afternoon in some faster water.  I started off the day with my best fish, a nice 16" hold-over.  
The first brown of the afternoon

We took a good mix of browns and rainbows on top and on a trailing wet.  By the end of the afternoon, we had brought a dozen quality fish to the net.  At around 5PM we switched spots in hopes of catching a spinner fall.  We were in the right spot for the spinners and they did come but there weren't many fish rising to them.  My guess is that the low flows had moved the fish on to deeper sections of the river.  We still managed a couple of hold out browns.  When the day was over we considered ourselves fortunate to have made some good guesses considering all the variables. 

Hendrickson nymph

One of several quality rainbows


  1. Those are some nice fish. Bigger water sometimes means bigger fish. Nice post.

  2. Congrats! Those are some beautiful fish, esp. that rainbow.

  3. congrats on some nice fish. This low water is making things tougher.

  4. Way to go Mark.
    Have a great opening day if you go.

  5. Thanks all - had another great afternoon out, report to follow. The Farmington bows and browns are very healthy this year and VERY strong.

    Brk Trt - I avoid opening day as a matter of conscience. I just can bear watch the bucket brigade hauling fish out of the rivers. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy fresh fish and keep a few now and then but the whole opening day thing just drives home the point that we live in a selfish, wasteful, and over indulgent society.