Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hendrickson comparadun and wet

Thought I would include a brief post on the Hendrickson comparadun and wet fly that have been working really well for me this season.  The flies are pretty standard except for the use of Red/Brown Caucci-Nastasi spectrumized dubbing for the body of the flies.  This is a tip I picked up from Rich Strolis' catching shadows site.  The dubbing appears yellowish red but turns brown when wet.

 Hendrickson Comparadun
TMC 100 (#12-14)
rusty brown thread
dun micro-fibbets, split (tail)
red brown spectrumized dubbing
comparadun hair (wing)

Hendrickson wet
Mustad 3906 #12 wet fly hook (3x heavy so it sinks)
rusty brown thread
brown partridge fibers (tail)
red brown spectrumized dubbing
small gold french tinsel ribbing
loosely dubbed thorax
Partridge (from the back) hackle

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  1. Great looking flies. Thanks for sharing the recipes as well. Tight Lines.