Friday, April 6, 2012

Hendricksons round II

Got out a little this afternoon as well.  Another blustery day out on the water.  There weren't any many Hendricksons out this afternoon probably due to the wind but there were a few coming off over the later part of the afternoon.  I had the pleasure of fishing with two friends Pete (TROUTI) and Ben (  The banter among friends makes for an afternoon of laughs and good fun.  Ben had picked up a couple fish by the time I arrived.  The fishing was slow but we each managed a handful along with a decent number of long distance releases.  My first fish of the day was a good size rainbow that took the hendrickson soft hackle.  The soft hackle and comparadun each accounted for fish this afternoon.

Ben laid out a terrific long distance cast to pick off a very nice rainbow that was rising off a rock on the other side of the river.   The fish was rising about 20 - 30 ft off the opposite bank in the background of the picture to give you some idea of the distance of the cast needed to reach it.

Later in the afternoon another fish or two were working off the same rock but the wind made it next to impossible to reach them.  During a brief break in the wind, I managed to lay out a long cast in the right location and a fish rose to take the comparadun but I only managed to sting it.  A few minutes later there was another brief lull and I managed another cast to the same area and finished the day with another fat rainbow.


  1. Great to fish with you guys today! If nothing else, it made me realize how much I've missed Pete's running commentary... ;)

  2. From the picture, that was a long cast. I gauging, what, 40 - 50 feet?


  3. Shoreman, I'm not the best judge of distance but it was definitely more than 50 ft and I would guess something around 65 ft.