Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yes it's that time around here.  I managed to get out on the water for a few hours in the afternoon with the hope that some Hendricksons would be out and about.  It was a blustery day to say the least with gusts of wind that nearly took the hat off my head but there were Hendrickson's around and the fish were keyed on them.  I started off with a comparadun with a soft hackle trailed off the bend.  Before the hatch got going, they fish were taking the soft hackle.  Once the hatch started in earnest around 2PM the comparadun was the ticket.  As things wound down around 4PM I took a nice bow on the soft hackle that put up quite an aerial show to finish up the day.  Two rainbows and five browns,  were brought to the net with as many that were on briefly before returning home.


  1. Congrats, those are some nice fish.

  2. Nice looking Fish. A couple of hours well spent for sure. Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines.