Thursday, April 12, 2012

No camera, it figures !

The first thing you will notice about this post is that there are no pictures.  As I left to head up to the Farmington River yesterday afternoon, I realized I had left the camera card at home.  I figured that Murphy's Law would come into play at some point in the afternoon and that I would probably hook into a really big fish.  Bottom line, never doubt Murphy's law !

I went up thinking that it might be a good idea to fish a bit upstream of where I had fished previously.  Being a tailwater, the hatches move upstream over time as the water temperatures rise.  Passing the spot I had fished last week there were a few guys in the water.  When I reached the spot I wanted to fish, I was disappointed to find a number of cars in the pull off.  When I checked out a nearby option, it was empty but with the water levels being so low I thought the fish may have moved on in search of more cover and deeper water.  So I decided the best option was to head back down river to option #3 and it turned out to be a good choice.  I could not see a single soul anywhere.  The hatch did ocurr and some big fish were rolling on the emergers.

When I arrived there was a lot of olives on the water and fish rising.  I started out with an olive comparadun and picked up a decent 14" brown.  This was to be the smallest fish of the afternoon.  When the Hendricksons started coming off in earnest the fish turned their attention to them.  I took another fat 14" brown in some faster water on a comparadun and then a huge rainbow.  The marking on my net had it at 16" in length but it was very hefty with a dark red stripe and bright cheeks.  It looked more like a small steelhead.  When the fish were obviously taking emergers over the duns, the Hendrickson soft-hackle I use accounted for another 16" brown.  I finished the data with a 17+" copper colored hold-over brown that took the comparadun as the hatch started to wind down.  I hung around til dark to see if a spinner fall materialized but all remained quite.

I've caught bigger fish but I have to say that I've never caught so many in the16"+ class in one outing - but then you'll just have to take my word for it since I don't have any photographic proof


  1. Your credibility is solid Mark.
    A bunch of nice trout for sure.

  2. Brk Trt - thank you for your vote of confidence. After I put the markings on my net I was a bit surprized at how large 16" really is and how quickly released fish grow :)

  3. I personally have always thought that it doesn't matter if other people believe you or not. If you were there and you caught those fish it should only matter to you. A picture is nice for making the memory last or making an interesting blog post just a little better. In the end you wouldn't always carry a photo with you when you retell your experience. It's the telling of that experience that's important. I have followed you blog for a while...I doubt nothing you say. The only problem I have is that I'm jealous I haven't had such a good day in a while! Nice job.

  4. You're one of us, there is no need for pictures. As for Murphy, that guy is everywhere. As fast as he gets around, he must take lessons from Santa Claus.


  5. Shoreman and Kiwi - thanks for your comments. My comment about "taking my word for it" was meant more in homor than anything else. I really like taking pictures and it does make a more interesting post so was a bit disappointed that I had left the card at home. It was a great day from the perspective of having a shot at some quality fish and finding a place where I was alone for the entire afternoon on a river that gets a lot of pressure for good reason.