Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brookies, Cabella's custom glass and some of Kiwi's flies

We were in the Adirondack mountains for the memorial day weekend.  After the usual spring chores, I was able to slip out Monday morning and fish a favorite brook and give the new Cabella's custom glass 5'9" 3 wt a trial run as well as some flies I received from Kiwi from The North River blog.

I decided to get a early start since there were still some black flies around and they tend not be active in the cool of the morning.  The brook was in great shape with a nice flow (not too full, not too thin).  The water temperature was a bit warm for early spring (62F).  I started out with my personal favorite for these waters, the Royal Wulff, and the brook trout definitely approved.  A dozen plus (I quickly lose track when fishing this type of water) were brought to hand ranging in size from a couple inches to a healthy (for this stream) 6-8inches.

Most of the fish were in the heads of the pools and where eager to slash at the Royal Wulff.  All the fish fought hard and were tough to photograph but I did get a couple good shots.  All in all they seemed to have wintered well.  At one point it dawned on me that I was carrying some flies from Kiwi (a green hornet, and a killer bug) so I gave them a try and the fish showed their approval.  It was fun to watch the fish give chase to the flies as they were carried along by the swift current.  Another highlight of the trip was seeing a pink lady slipper.  These are somewhat rare wild orchids that grow in the soil of pine and hemlock forests.  The last time I saw one of these was more than 30 years ago on a bog in Western NY.

Brook trout were holding behind the dark rock in the center of the photo

 A colorful brook trout that was interested in Kiwi's green hornet.  The Killer bug also drew some interest but were not willing to be photographed

 Some of the rugged country this brook runs through typical of the Adirondack Mts

A pink lady slipper in bloom

In addition to enjoying the solitude of the brook and surrounding forest, this trip also gave me a chance to give the new Cabella's custom glass 5'9" 3 wt a good trial.  I had not previously fished a rod this short, so I was curious how it would perform.  I have to say that once I got used to the slower rhythm needed to work a glass rod, it handled extremely well.  I paired the rod with my smallest orvis battenkill I with 4wt DT line.  The combo handled very nicely.  This little rod roll casts amazing well and delivered the flies with a nice soft touch.  I had no trouble laying out a 25-30 ft cast and it excels in tight quarters.  The rod is nicely put together with a very nice finish and quality components.  I especially like the simple handle with the two bands to hold the reel, reminiscent of the old bamboo rods.  This is a very nice small rod well- suited for small stream fishing and a great bargain that I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy fishing small streams.

Cabella's custom glass rod (5'9" 3wt) paired with an Orvis battenkill I and Royal Wulff in the fly ring


  1. Looks like it was an excellent trip all around. I wish I could get up there this year. I'm glad the flies worked out for you...I'm always happy to hear when another angler is able to bring trout o hand with them. Congrats on the brookies, they are beautiful!

  2. Kiwi - your flies were definitely approved of by Adirondack brook trout, but no surprize there. One of the fish that took the Killer Bug was absolutely stunning in color but there was no getting a picture of it. I thought it might be a small rainbow when I first saw it but it was a brook trout with a very bright red/orange belly as there is lots of tanin in the water in this brook.

  3. Good Brookie day. I had some success this morning on the Royal Wulff too. No Brookies in my stream just browns & rainbows.


  4. Mark - for some reason I don't understand fish in this brook most always respond to a "royal"; wets, dries, or streamers it doesn't seem to matter the color scheme seems to stand out well in the tanic water

  5. Thanks for taking us on the trip.
    I can attest to the fish catching qualities of Kiwi's flies.

  6. What inviting water and great photography! Looks like a lot of great tenkara water.

    The Tenkara Ambassador (

  7. The body of water is pulling me. Very cute photography. Good creation. Thanks for sharing!