Monday, May 7, 2012

Late morning early afternoon outing

This past Saturday, I had so jobs around the house that needed attention so I was up early.  The plan was to work the early morning and then take a break around 10:30 and fish til 3:30 then finish up with some yard work.  Getting some time to get out fishing is a great motivator to get going on the work.

Anyway, on the trip to the river the cloudy skies turned to a light drizzle.  When I arrived my friend was already at it and had two fish to the net.  The tan caddis started coming off shortly after I arrived so I tried a tan X-caddis with a few misses.  The best fish of the day was a 16+" rainbow that was sipping at the tail of the pool in some shallow water next to a rock.  I swung the hare's ear wet in front of it and set the hook when I saw the fly line darting upstream.  No picture as this fish was quite agitated and camera shy.  I did see a larger fish poking his snout out of the water taking adults off the surface but he was under some tree branches in a soft seam with faster water between his position and me.  After a couple of tries, I managed to land the dry right in front of him and got a decent drift.  As the fly approached his position, up came the snout I was looking for and snap went my tippet (4x no less !).  That was to be the theme of the afternoon with way too many long distance releases and only three fish to the net.  It was one of those odd afternoons where it was tough to tell just what the fish were taking.  I hooked fish on a hare's ear wet, tan X-caddis, Lafontaine tan caddis puppa, and a Griffth's Gnat.

It's been a while since I fished a small stream but with the larger rivers fishing so well these days, I've been lured away but the prospect of catching some good size, healthy browns and rainbows.  The fish definitely seem bigger and stronger this year vs previous years.  This weekend coming I hope to get up to the Adirondacks for the first time this season and fish for some mountain brook trout if the black flies allow.


  1. Beautiful trout! I can't wait to see how you do up in the Adirondacks.

  2. Kiwi - it's amazing how big and strong the trout are this year ! Hope the Adirondack brookies have done equally well this past winter. Only problem is the black flies will/are also having a banner year.

  3. The trout in the small streams are also stronger and plentiful. I think its because of the mild winter.
    Blackflies the curse of the north.