Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A couple evenings on the Farmington

Things have been very busy around our house this past month and not much time to head out fishing.  But things have eased up the last week and with an open firday afternoon I made plans to meet up with a couple friends and fish the Farmington River in Northeastern CT.  The day was one of those beautiful June days with temps in the low 80's, clear, and dry.

The afternoon started slow, although there were a lot of small cream mayflies coming off, there was not a lot of surface activity.  I fished wet flies for a while but only had a couple bumps on the bead head pheasant tail soft hackle.  There were a couple fish gently sipping something I couldn’t see.  After a couple of tries, I managed to get a decent drift with a #18 pale yellow comapardun and promptly overreacted and snapped the tippet when the fish rose to the fly. Working down under the trees along the opposite bank I did manage to take a decent trout when I floated a foam ant over him.  As sunset approached things really light up as the large Light Cahills started coming off in good numbers and the trout were starting to chase them with abandon.  I elected to concentrate on the faster water at the head of the stretch we were in while Pete and Bill fished the tail of the riffles and the slower water.  At one point we were all locked into fish at the same time.  As dusk approached, we picked up a couple more fish on smaller sized comparaduns before things went quite.  It was a gorgeous day and a great evening to be out fishing with a couple of good friends. 

 Just couldn't resist an ant

Yesterday afternoon and evening offered another opportunity to get out.  The day was overcast, dry, and cool with a water temp of 58F.  I arrived about 5:30 in the afternoon and the small Cahills (#18) were coming off with little surface activity except for the odd fish sipping under the canopy of some trees.  I managed to hook and land one brown on a #18 light Cahill, and then tried a #16 rusty spinner and picked up another.  As sunset approached the surface activity picked up as it had a few days before and I managed another pair of browns on a #18 pale yellow comparadun and a rainbow on a usual.  As darkness started to settle in, I switched back to the rusty spinner and picked up the best fish of the night, a pig of a rainbow that measured between 16 and 17 inches.  I picked up another brown on the spinner before it got too dark to see.

Rainbow taken on a spinner in the dark

A friend just returned from a Salmon trip to the Kola peninsula in Russia.  Check out this video of him landing a 20lb Atlantic Salmon


  1. Nice fish. Just like you I find it hard to get to the water on a regular basis, but when you do it is that much sweeter.

  2. Evenings are the very best for so many reasons...

    Regular Rod

  3. A Year on the fly - nice hearing from you again. I definitely agree with you

    Regular Rod - I love the evenings for many reasons, the setting sun, the cool at the end of the day, the smells, and spinners as the daylight wains.

  4. The Farmy is a great resource. We are fortunate to have it so close.
    Waiting to tie into one of those 20+ browns.

  5. Nice rainbows! Congrats and thanks for the post.

  6. Brk Trt - Of the places I've lived in the northeast, I have to say that CT has a wealth of quality fishing opportunities within a short drive.

    Kiwi - thanks