Friday, June 29, 2012

Strong finish

I was able to rearrange my work calendar and get out yesterday afternoon/evening.  I met a friend on the Farmington with the plan to fish the fast water with big dries.  First spot was a dud, probably too much sun so I moved up to a shadier deep run and hooked decent fish on the bead head pheasant tail dropper that I was trailing off the bomber to hedge my bets. After a nice run upstream he managed to toss the hook but no worries the day was just starting.  Then I missed a second on the bomber so now I was 0 for 2.  I had brought along the Cabella's CZN nymphing rod so I thought it was a good spot to work on casting, leading the flies, and strike detection.  I hook and dropped another on the anchor fly and then tied into a brute that I managed to stay with for quite a well.  This fish was big and was staying on the bottom shaking his big head.  He made several charges, pulling the rod sharply down into the water on each dive but I managed to keep him upstream of me so I thought I would just try to hang on and tire him out.  But he eventually won the battle, snapping off the 5X fluorocarbon at the triple surgeons knot and taking the dropper and anchor fly with him. I was now 0-4.

We decided to change locations and try another favorite spot of mine that few people fish.  When we arrived I was amazed at how much th Hurricane Irene had changed the river.  What was once a nice bend and riffle was now a straight shallow channel and the bend had been completely removed.  There was still one promising run with a very nice looking hiding spot.  I ran the bomber along the right side of the rock in picture below and up came a nicely colored brown.  I managed to ease him around the rock, out of the fast water and into some softer water and land him so I was now on the board.

We decided to move to a third spot where I picked up a small rainbow on a Usual again in fast water.  But this spot looked pretty quite as well so a quick call to Pete, aka TROUTI, who was also out fishing the Farmington with Brk Trt  indicated there was some sulfurs hatching at a another location so we decided to move upriver while Pete and Brk Trt decided to move downriver.

The last spot was golden.  We started in around 7:30pm and there were fish rising to small emergers.  I managed to nail one brown on a small pale yellow comparadun.  We started seeing some tan caddis around so I switched to a tan Lafontaine emergent puppa and picked another brown and a rainbow and then went back to the comparadun later and picked up another brown.  With the light fading and the twilight approaching the faster water at the head of the pool started to erupt.  On went the Usual and the game was on!  For the next 30minutes I was catching nice rainbow after nice rainbow.  Some fish managed to free themselves in the heavy current before they reached the net but the upside was that I didn't have to take the time to turn on my headlamp and remove the hook.  I'm not sure how many fish I landed but it was definitely more than four !


  1. Nice night out you had!!! I will have to help you with the nymphing technique.

  2. TROUTI - thanks for steering us in the right direction and any nymphing instruction would be appreciated.

  3. You had a great outing. That fish you lost in that fast current will quite possibly be there the next time. You'll get him that is if the BHSHPT doesn't get there first.
    I agree on the changes to the river after Irene.

  4. Brk Trt - was a little sad to see a nice little stretch of river ruined. I've had some nice evenings in their the last couple of years.

  5. Nice post, there is something very satisfying about not having any luck then doing well right a the end. Kinda makes you forget about the beginning of the trip. Well done.

  6. Kiwi

    Thanks. I was actually encouraged to be hooking fish with the Euro rig, gives me a little more confidence that with some practice I could do ok when conditions don't favor dries or wets