Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thunderstorms in the forecast

Headed up to the Farmington last night, probably not the best call with thundershowers in the forecast.   About 30 minutes before I reached the section I had planned to fish the skies opened up and down it came.  At one point, I pulled into a office complex to sit out some heavy downpours and watched the water coming out of the downspout like someone had opened a fire hydrant!

A cold fog hanging over the river

The river where I had planned to fish was muddy with limited clarity so I opted to head up river above some of the major tributaries to see if things would be clearer.   It was a surreal experience with a cold fog hanging over the river with warm humid air just above.  There was limited visibility in the fog but I did manage to catch a couple of brookies and a brown.  It's rare that catch brook trout on the Farmington and this was the first time I've caught more than one.  I don't know if they were wild but they were on the smallish side which makes me think that I was in a section of the river that might have some wild fish.


  1. The rains in that area were pretty heavy.
    I believe there's some wild brookies in that river. Nice fish Mark.

  2. Brk Trt - I think I have caught a total of 4 brook trout in that river and to land two in the same night in the same stretch was a little unusual for me.