Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Working with it

Sometimes you fish when you can and not necessarily under the best of conditions.  I had the chance to fish last evening so I did despite the strong winds from a cold front that moved through.  The wind made casting upstream nearly impossible and there wasn't a hatch to speak of which wasn't too surprising and certainly no spinner fall but sometimes you just have to adapt.  I chose to fish some large heavy water dries in the faster water and to see what I could dredge up.  I really like this type of fishing and my two favorite flies for this game are Fran Better's Ausable Bomber and the Usual.   This type of fishing is not a high percentage game in terms of landing fish.  Both flies brought fish up to the surface including a good size rainbow that took me on some long runs and a couple of spectaculor leaps.

Bombers, not just for brook trout ! 
(the fly had come out of it's mouth in the net)

The highlight of the evening was laying out a long cast that I had to quarter downstream due to the wind and under some tree branches to reach a brush pile along the opposite bank.  The Usual landed within 6 inches of the pile and I got a nice drift along the pile and up popped a snout.  The fish quickly ran out into the heavier current and broke me off but I'll be back to say hello again soon


  1. Nice post Mark. Other than a Royal Sakasa Kebari and a Killer Bug I would be hard pressed to find better flies to use on any stream than ones created by Fran Betters. The Usual is always in my fly box.

  2. Good results during rough times. And your right the "Bomber" is not just for brook trout.

  3. Kiwi - always loved tying and fishing Fran's flies

    Brk Trt - Picked up that tip from you a couple summers ago on the Farmington - thanks