Saturday, July 28, 2012

Afternoon of Farmington Firsts

Pete (TROUTI) and I meet up yesterday afternoon to deliver his birthday present (box of pheasant tail soft hackles) and to do a little fishing.  Pete introduced me to a spot I had not fished before.  We were fishing near a couple of downed trees and I spotted a fish taking something less than a foot away from a trailing branch.  I figured an ant might bring some interest and managed to get off decent cast but only managed to sting the trout.  I continued with the ant and landed what looked like a wild rainbow from the size and parr markings.  This is the second one I've caught this year and I believe Brk Trt has also caught a few this year in the Farmington.

wild ?

Pete and I switched places and we both landed a pair of browns at the same time.  At that point Pete needed to head home so I broke out the Euro nymphing rod and decided to get a little practice in.  After a while I started to get the hang of things and picked up a couple browns.  One was marked with a green elastomer behind the right eye which was probably a yearling stocked this spring (for more info on the survivor strain see...).

Pete needed to head home early, so I broke out the Euro nymphing rod and decided to get some practice.  After a little while I started to get the hang of leading the flies.  I managed a couple of wild browns on Rich Strolis' DDT and Rock Candy nymphs.  While nymphing off the edge of the one of the fallen tree I tied into a big brook trout.  This was the largest brook trout (about 15 inches and hefty) I've ever caught and it looked to be in excellent shape and really made my day.  With a brook trout this large, I have no idea if it was wild or stocked but I'll leave that for you to decide.  

Brook trout with a Rocky Candy stuck in it's jaw

I finished up the late afternoon swinging the bead head pheasant tail soft hackle and connected with 4 fish but only landing one very beautiful wild brown that had no interest in posing for a picture.  I stayed til dark but there wasn't much activity where I was.  I did connect with one fish on a spinner but after a pair line stripping runs managed to break the fly off of the 5X tippet.

First farmington hat trick this year,  first success Euro nyphming on the Farmington and a personal best brook trout.  A very nice afternoon indeed!


  1. A very nice afternoon indeed. I fully agree.


  2. You did well after I left!! Nicely done!!Interesting when we switched spots and both taking a brown on our first cast!!! The Brookie is a Bonus!!!

  3. Great brook trout.
    They also like little green worms.
    Well done Mark

  4. That brookie is a beauty! The largest brook trout I ever caught was 14" and was definitely a stocked fish and was certainly paler in appearance than yours. I would say yours is a native. Nice job.

  5. Really You had a nice experience in that afternoon. Yoy have enjoyed a lot. Thanks for this nice pictorial post in such a nice blog.I am also fond of fishing specially Carp fishing . Since my childhood, I like fishing. I went mad of fishing, Carp fishing in my holidays and specially in my leisure period.. However it gives me lot of pleasure and I enjoy it very much. The pictures of the post reminds me of the sweet memories of my childhood life.

  6. Carp fishing - memories of a childhood fishing small streams with my grandfather are a significant part of why I enjoy fishing small streams or any stream for that matter. Glad to hear you enjoy the blog and the pictures

  7. hey mark great day.fished the farmington aweek ago saturday only got one brown at the drive in.plan to go tomorrow up in hamden gaylord mt, after dropping my daughter off at volleyball. would love to tag along with you to the farmington some time.did not fish up in new york water was low. thanks for your suggestions God bless, dave cronin

  8. Mark,

    Great blog and great job with the flies. Glad to see some of my patterns bringing you success. Keep up the great blog, I enjoy it.


  9. Dave - we'll hook up soon

    Rich - thanks for the flies, your very informative blog/website, and your kind comments