Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Pete

Pete (aka) TROUTI, had a birthday last week, so as promised, I tied a small box of pheasant tail soft hackles for him.  The box includes beaded and unbeaded flies in #16 and #18.  I didn't invent this fly but was introduced to it by Pete who pointed them out when we fished upper Connecticut River in NH a few years ago.  It's a simple pattern, basically a standard bead-head pheasant tail nymph with a phesant tail body, copper wire rib, peacock herl thorax and a turn of partridge around the collar.  For the beaded version I use a copper bead.  Stayed tuned, Pete the Zen Master of fishing this fly has promised to write a guest post on how he fishes this deadly little killer.

Happy Birthday Pete !


  1. Ah ha!! The Zen Master! Yes I will write a guest blog very shortly on the venerable PT Soft Hackle. Thank you Mark I really appreciate the flies. I guess we will have to team up soon and give the PT Soft Hackle a test run in the Farmington!!! Thanks again!!!!!

  2. With all that ammo no trout is safe.
    Nice gift, Mark.


  3. I look forward to seeing that post. Nice flies.

  4. These are exceptional nymphs the world over. Over here in the UK we are suckers for names and traditionals and call this fly Endrick's spider (or in this case a beaded Endrick's) and it is one of my favourite nymphs for the freestone rivers. A good version to try is to use some CDC instead of the partridge, the movement of that stuff is like mini marabou.

    Lovely tyings and a very thoughtful present, I am sure Pete will catch his fill on them.


  5. Happy Birthday Pete. I'll pass the flies on the next time we fish together

    Thanks for your comments Kiwi and Brk Trt

    Dan - I love knowing the traditional names and enjoy tying and fishing the north country spiders. Thanks for commenting. Does the Endrick use a peacock herl thorax? Most of the pictures I could find appear to just have the PT body and no "thorax"

    1. I think you are correct there was no peacock on the originaland it was apparently tied with a hot orange head, I would class your as a variant, well it is similar to one I fish (I use a peacock dubbing or squirrel instead of herl) and I count that as a variant :)

      Very good fly though, don't know what I would do without it in my box during the hatches of the big mayflies around here.