Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day 2012

Yesterday we Americans celebrated our 236th anniversary as an independent nation, what better way to celebrate Independence Day then to get out before sunrise and fish a small mountain brook.  With showers the night before, the air was heavy and as the sun began to burn through the early morning fog the sunlight and shine through the dense forest's covering.

The brook was low despite the spate the night before.  The brook trout tended to be concentrated in the deeper sections that had a nice flow through them and their coloring was darker probably due to the increased concentration of tanin in the water.  This spot below gave up three nice brook trout only one of which I was able to get to the hand.

 Right along the submerged log was a favorite spot

a local resident

I fished two flies this morning all of which got their share of attention, a Royal Wulff (red and chartreuse) and the Ausable bomber.  I also fished with the Cabella's custom glass 3wt again.  I really enjoy fishing this fun little rod in this type of water.  It was able to get the flies into tight spots like the one below and still able to guide the fish around stream bed obstacles and into the hand.

It was a great morning out in the fresh mountain air.  Here are more pictures from the morning...Enjoy

 Early morning sulfur

 Small white wildflower that covered the forest floor

Following a game trail along the mountain's side


  1. Mark,
    Nice post. Those brookies look to be in great condition, and nicely colored.
    Those wildflowers, so tiny and yet so big in beauty.

  2. Beautiful brookies mark. I can feel the humidity just looking at the first picture! I believe the double white flower is called partridgeberry. They will develop into bright berries that can last all through the winter.

  3. A very enjoyable 4th. Nicely done.


  4. Very nice photo essay there Mark!!

  5. hey mark i will be at schroon lake from saturday 7/7 until next saturday, can you direct me to some trout water. we are staying at the word of life inn. thanks for the invitation to fish the farmington with you and bill kane but i had loose ends to tie up before summer.i hope you guys had fun and i would be excited to try another day. dave cronin

  6. Mark, The fishes are nice looking.Waters are very transparent and rooling down nicely through the stones.I become nostalgic to see these pictures.In my childhood, I usually go for fishing, Carp fishing,very frequently. It gives us lot of pleasure . People of the villages do it in a festive mood. Carp fishing is comfortable and feasible for us. Howver thanks for this nice blog and regular posting on fishing.

  7. Thanks all for your comments, been away for a few days or I would have responded sooner. I have another post on some exploring of new water. I will have it up in a day or two.

    Kiwi - the small white flowers did have some red berries on some of the plants so you are probably correct. I love knowing the names of the wildflowers and plants I see along the way

    Dave - try the Schroon River or venture a little further north to the Ausable in Wilmington