Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I obviously enjoy exploring and fishing small mountain brooks.  I quickly find myself being absorbed in exploring each micro pool and riffle as I work my way along.  This level of concentration quickly erases all other things from my conscious thought.  But another part of me needs to get a larger perspective, a more expansive view, the kind that comes after a long hike up a steep mountain.  This past weekend my oldest daughter, her childhood friend, and I decided to climb the local giant.  My daughter will be leaving for college in a few weeks and it was a great day to spend the morning together climbing.  Life is busy and full of changes and it is easy to feel like things are too chaotic and spinning out of control.  Mountain top views remind me that there is a sovereign God who rules over every detail of my life and nothing is out of His benevolent control.  So enjoy the view !

Panoramic view from fire tire on Snowy Mt looking east toward Indian Lake, NY and the Siamese Ponds Wilderness in the distance 07/08/2012

View from fire tower on Snowy Mt looking into West Canada Lake Wilderness


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I have never been to that part of the Adirondacks....hanks for the pics!

  2. Kiwi - the central Adirondacks are not known for tall mountains like the high peaks around Lake Placid but have a wild beauty to them with large wilderness areas.

  3. Yup, we do live in a beautiful country don't we.


  4. We are miniatures in comparison to natures grand.
    Great photos.

  5. Mark,

    I'll be in the Great Camp Sagamore area early September and was wondering if you were familiar with the area and if I should bring the blueline rod and the long rod or concentrate on the small stuff. Any info or insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  6. Bill

    I don't know that area of the Adirondacks. I would recommend that you check out the NYS DEP website. They have a lot of useful information regarding fishing opportunities for each region and county. It's a great place to start

    1. Mark,

      Thanks for the tip. Its just to the North East of the West Canada Lake Wilderness. I'll grab a gazetteer once I'm in NY and pool my info together. Worse comes to worst its not too far from the WB Ausable and if I'm lucky the LLs will start running on the Saranac. Thanks again and God Bless

  7. Bill - West Canada creek might be worth checking out if you can get to it easily without having to go all the way around the Wilderness area