Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spinners late save the day

Pete (TROUTI) and I fished the Farmington river  yesterday afternoon til well past dark.  We fished wets in some faster water and Pete did pretty well but I only managed a couple of bumps but nothing solid.  About 4PM we moved to another spot and I fished an iso comparadun in some faster water and had the first encouragement of the day when a nice brown came off the bottom and followed the fly downstream.  He struck it but it was starting to accelerate due to drag and he struck just a bit short.  I let the fly drag in the water while I moved downstream and hooked a pretty "bonus" brown while I was watching my steps rather than the fly.  I picked up another brown swinging a light cahill wet when I started seeing a few cahills coming off but nothing really rising.  Pete and I tried enticing a few sippers in early evening and I did manage to land one rainbow and lose another on a olive emerger.

As the Farmington Fog settled in (54F water and warm air) over the river, Pete needed to leave but I waited for a potential spinner fall.  I switched the glasses for a head lamp and put on a heavy sweater and warmer fleece pants and waited in the frigid water.  Wondering if things were ever going to get going a tried a Usual to a couple of sipping fish to no avail.  I switched to a rusty brown spinner while there was still enough light to tie it on.  In the dark you could see fish starting to rise more aggressively.  I tossed the rusty spinner out into the darkness and listened for activity in the direction of the fly, if I heard or saw anything I lifted the rod as if to ask "is anyone out there" and several times there was.  A fat rainbow and brown were brought to hand as well as a few that were "released" from a distance.  Staying late paid off again and made up for the slow start.


  1. I had virtually the same experience two days ago. I finally got on the board when then Cahills came off and then had some really good spinner action. At least where I was, I think the aggressive rises after dark were for black caddis, but I didn't stay late enough to test the theory.

    I would say let's get out sometime soon, but my wife put a moratorium on fishing until we move out of our house. I'm gonna try and get it lifted after I do some work, so let's stay in touch... ;)

  2. Well we had a nice night, even though I stuck two, could'nt close the deal. The upside of the evening was we shared this particular area with two other fly fishermen, did not have to worry about crowding or bad manners and we all had a good time.

    Ben! Would it help if we tried to kidnap you and hold you for ransom? :-) Some of the fish were rising with blatant impunity!!!

  3. Late is Great in Summer...

    Regular Rod

  4. A fine way to finish the evening.

  5. Thanks all. Ben - no worries, I could write a Dr's note something to the effect that you need to soak your feet in 54F water for several hours !