Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The humbling

So after a good night on monday, I decided to go back to the same spot last night.  The water temperature was still good.  I worked the same game plan as the night before.  Since the fish have been seeing isonychia on the water I decided to start with the comparadun even though there were fish taking something I could not see.  I hooked a decent fish in the head of a small riffle.  After the hook drove home, the fish started the characteristic head shaking and deep dive of a decent brown so I just tried to keep good contact but not force the issue.  The fish then headed for deep water and managed to get snagged around a rock or branch or something on the bottom and I could not free it up.  After trying several angles, I ended up snapping off the tippet.  Checking the leader it looked like maybe the tippet knot had gotten snagged on a rock on the bottom as there was a lot of abrasion right above the knot.  First time that has ever happened to me!  Hooked a couple more on the iso but lost both.  At dark the fish were sipping something with very subtle rises that were difficult to see in the dark.  I never did figure things out so after feeling like a genius the night before, I ended last night as "the novice" being taught yet another lesson but that's what makes this game so fun to play !


  1. Exactly why we do what we do. Practice, practice, practice.


  2. i broke off on a really nice brown sunday. i know how you feel. he will be there for you next time.