Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday afternoon on the Farmington

I did not want to spend this sunny, pleasant, pre-fall friday afternoon inside, so I took a some vacation time and headed up to the Farmington River.  I had planned to fish a handful of places.  A couple were new to me so I did a fair amount of walking and exploring and but I did manage to find good water in each spot.  I started out with a stimulator and a pheasant tail soft hackle trailed off the back.  A nice 17# hold-over brown started the day off taking the stimulator followed by a clown of a wild brown that took the pheasant tail in the tail of some riffles and proceed to launch himself into the air several times and then tried to tie me up by running around me several times.

A golden Farmy brown

The second location produced a yearling survivor brown with a chartreuse elastomer in the right eye that pounced on an iso comparadun in faster water.  

In the final location I managed to land a nice rainbow again on the iso comparadun as well as breaking one off in faster water.  I finished up Euro nymphing some of the deeper spots and managed one final rainbow on Rich Strolis DDT nymph that was tied on as the dropper.


  1. Sure bold and beautiful fish this time of year. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Mel - thanks, this is my favorite time of year here in New England

  3. Nice looking fish you've got there!!

  4. mark i think you have convinced me to head to the farmington on saturday morning rather than hunting.hopefully not to much rain tomorrow.thanks for the posts dave cronin