Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday afternoon out

 Headed out yesterday afternoon to enjoy the fall like weather here in CT.  The afternoon was bright, clear and a cool 68.  The low water levels reduced this section of river to a very flat pool with little in the way of moving current. I did manage a 17" brown that looked like it had tangled with a bird at some point.  I hooked and dropped another smaller fish on an isonychia along the bank.  Nice to get out and enjoy some fresh, cool, air.

 Brush along the bank providing shelter 

17 inch brown


  1. That's a heavy weight for sure.
    The fishing is going to primo very soon.

  2. Brk Trt - thanks, was a bit of surprise. Can wait for the fall switch to turn on !

  3. It was a beautiful day yesterday and it looks like you got a gorgeous brown to go with it...congrats.

  4. Kiwi - thanks, just glad to get out and enjoy some fresh air and sun in the eyes.