Monday, October 1, 2012

Going Big

I am small stream fisherman through and through.  It takes me back to when I was a kid fishing with a simple pole, and a can of worms in the southern PA pastures and meadows.  There is just something very pleasant about fishing simply, a small box of flies, a pair of hiking boots, and a 3wt.

While this is the heart of my fishing, I do enjoy learning new techniques and styles of fishing.  As fall approaches, I thought I would go big, really big!  So here a few of my first attempts at tying some larger streamers along with a few articulated streamers mixed in.  Curious how my 7wt and casting stroke will handle these and a sinking line.  I'm flinching just thinking about these things whizzing by my head.


  1. I really like your small stream philosophy and how you approach it. Are you planning on fishing these larger streamers in small water?

  2. Those are some brutes.
    I fished a yellow bugger recently and did well.

  3. Mel - these streamers are for some of the larger rivers I fish which hold larger fish. The articulated streamers in the picture have a #2 TMC 9394 followed by a trailing #4 giving a total length of about 5 inchces. That's almost as big as some of the brookies I catch in smaller water! They're designed to trigger a territorial response rather than imitating food.

    Brk Trt - I'm told that yellow, white and olive are good streamer colors for the fall !

  4. Ben and Pete - thanks! Just hoping to keep them out of my ear :)

  5. You are going big now..are you going to change this blog's name too?Just kidding..tight line!
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  6. Anglers Belong - No name change in the future (although "the eclectic angler" might be appropriate :) Will always love small streams but's it's fun to fish bigger water for bigger fish too!