Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to spend a day off

Today was the only day that my calendar was free enough to take a day off.  I usually try to save a few vacations days for late fall as I really love being out in the November air.  Today was a little cooler than it's been for the past couple days.  When I left the house this morning the thermometer was reading a chilly 39F but the sun was out and it made it seem warmer than the thermometer indicated.  The plan was to fish a small wild trout stream in the morning and do some salmon fishing in the afternoon.

I fished a double rig this morning starting out with a bead head pheasant tail and partridge with a pumpkin head midge as a dropper.  All the fish early were taking the pheasant tail and a number of wild browns were brought to hand.  Eventually, I switched the midge for a foam egg, and then a picket pin wet but only the pheasant tail was drawing interest.  I ended up going back to the pumpkin head midge late morning and I soon as I did I had a wild double on.  Unfortunately both fish managed to free themselves.  From that point it a was mixed decision between the PT and partridge and the pumpkin head midge.

Flies of the day, #16 pheasant and partridge and #18 pumpkin head 
With a few hours of afternoon left, I headed off to fish for broodstock Atantic salmon.  The state of CT breeds Atlantic salmon in a local hatchery and then releases them into a couple designated areas in the state.  With the federal restoration program ending in the Northeast, the state plans to maintain the program for CT sportsmen.  

When I arrived, an older gentleman was in the process of landing one and he asked if I would assist him since he was spin fishing from shore and would not be able to easily land it in the spot he was.  I managed to tail it and hand it over to him and take a couple of pictures.  After he landed the fish, he headed home leaving his email address so I could send the pictures to him.  Not 10 minutes after he left a good sized salmon exploded on my Mickey Finn mid drift and proceed to peel line off my reel as it headed clear across the river and into a shallow area clear on the other side.  It managed to get the line hung up on a rock and I could not budge it so I headed across the river, hoping I could make it all the way across.  When I reached the snag, the fish was no where in sight.  After I freed the line the fish took off upstream in another blistering run.  I figured I would stay put and land it on the other side but the fish had other ideas and headed downstream and between some submerged rocks so I followed trying hard to keep the line free from another snag.  At this point I was in the middle of the river so I opted to head back to the side I started on and try to land it in a sandy beach area.  After a long tug of war I did manage to beach it.  Unfortunately my camera's battery was dead but another fly fisherman offered to take a picture on his camera phone and send it to me.  

What a great to be able to enjoy the outdoors and manage to fish for beautiful wild brown trout and Atlantic Salmon all in the same day.


  1. Very nicely done!! The Mickey Finn does it again

  2. That sounds like a great day off to me. Congrats on the's a beauty.

  3. Ben - thanks for all your advice on salmon fishing. Bright day, so go with the #4 Finn. This one didn't leap at all but sure ran hard. Best fight I've ever had with one

    Kiwi - thankful for days off and wild places to spend it

  4. Yes great fish, well done. Keep um coming.

  5. I'd call that a banner November day of fishing in Connecticut. Wild browns in the morning, broodstock salmon in the afternoon. Well done!

  6. Kierran - thanks for stopping by