Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another winter afternoon

As the end of the year draws to a close, it was a nice opportunity to enjoy another mild December afternoon with Alan and Kirk.  The morning started off cold and slow with not much activity to speak of until early afternoon when the fish were active for a couple of hours and interested in taking a dry fly.  Each of us caught a handful of beautiful winter brook trout, most still  bearing their fall colors despite the low water temperature (38F).

A tan elk hair caddis and a peacock herl-bodied elk hair caddis were the flies of choice.  As the sun and air temperature started to drop in the late afternoon sky interest in the dry flies tailed off as well.  I finished up with a couple on a lighten bug with some soft brown hackle just behind the bead.

Kirk fishing a nice run
Winter gold 
A colorful hook-jawed male that took the elk hair caddis
Alan photographing and releasing another winter brook trout
This brook trout had a single red spot with a blue halo just below the dorsal


  1. Mark
    The dry has to be fun on those small streams. I know Alan uses a 2 wt--what weight fly rod were you using? Those have to be some of the most colorful brooks anywhere!!

  2. Mark,
    A great few hours, especially when the brookies turned on.
    Some nasty weather coming in, may not be able to fish til after Christmas.

  3. Very Nice job guys!!!! I hope to see you soon for our annual event!!

  4. Bill - I use a 5'9" 3wt (cabella's custom glass rod) for this type of water. If you look over on the popular posts on the right, I did a review of this rod. I will also use a 7'6" 3wt (Echo 2) for streams where there is more casting room or I am doing more nymphing. I "overline" both rods with a 4wt DT line since the casting is short range. I find the heavier line helps

    Brk Trt - Another wonderful day out. Looks like the weatherman called it for today with rain and howling winds !

    Pete - hope to make it New Year's day for the first time !

  5. Now you've seen a glimmer of what the stream has to offer. Wait until spring, then you'll be really impressed. Merry Christmas.