Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cabin Fever

I really wanted to get outside for some fresh air since it's been too many days stuck inside.  This morning, the outside temp was 42F with a steady drizzle that started yesterday morning and is expected to continue for another couple days.  I decided it was just the day for a visit to a small stream I haven't fished since the summer.  The woods were quite, shrouded in a gray December fog, but couple of small browns were interested in chasing the bead head pheasant tail and partridge.


  1. It's great you got out. I'm planning on the same, rain or shine, on Monday. Nice fish.

  2. nice lookin' brown, kinda cool how all the red spots look like they have all started on the lateral line. I wonder if those will grow out, and form more, like tree rings, or are all spots like a fingerprint from birth? Nice photo!

  3. RKM - sometimes you just have to get out when you can and dress for the weather. Good luck monday

    SY - Yes the spots were very neatly aligned, can't say I've ever seen that before. I also took a close up of the tail and back.

  4. Beautiful trout, and nice pictures. Those little small stream browns are fun. I'll have to tie up a few pheasant tail and partridges and try them in the spring.


  5. Conner

    This fly is very effective. I've tied a few for a friend who catches fish throughout the season on that fly